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We'd like to welcome you to an evening of Halloween seasonal fun that will both challenge the mind and delight the senses.  A Bump in the Night is a combination puzzle room and dinner party for groups of up to 10 people at a time.  Our goal is to provide a fun, festive atmosphere that appeals to a classical sense of horror.

The evening begins with people arriving for dinner (or perhaps lunch, appetizers, or dessert depending on your timeslot).  Come upstairs to the eerie but festive dining room where you will be served an excellent meal by your own dedicated waiter.  Enjoy an hour of food and conversation and then the real festivities begin when things move down to the puzzle room.  You will have one hour to solve the puzzles and find the item you need to find or face a horrific fate (as it were).

This event is being done as a fundrasier for the building that is hosting it.  Arcana Lodge has been a Landmark in NE Minneapolis on the corner of Lowry and Central for over 100 years, but now is in need of some upkeep.  So come out and have some Halloween fun while helping to restore a historic building.volutpat. Vestibulum ante ipsum prsimis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae;

Q:  How long does this last?

A;  We recommend you come 5 to 15 minutes before your start time.  Dinner will take about an hour, then 15 minutes to transition to the puzzle room and you will have an hour there.  So plan on being there about 2.5 hours altogether.

Q.  What's for dinner?

A:  Dinner as well as lunch will consist of a cheese tortellini in a rosa sauce with chicken.  It will be served with garlic bread and salad with cheesecake for dessert.  Dessert sessions will feature a range of themed desserts.  Appetizer sessions will feature a range of hot and cold appetizers with a Halloween theme.

Q.  What if I have a special diet?  

A.  Let us know of any special dietary needs when you buy your tickets and we should have no problem working with you to accommodate them.

Q.  Is this event scary?  

A.  Our goal is to provide an eerie evnvironment suitable to Halloween and the narrative of the puzzle room includes a looming threat meant to create some background fear, but no one involved in putting on this event will be jumping out at you.  That being said, it may get your blood pumping at points.

Q.  How is parking in that area?  

A.  There is street parking available for free, a small lot adjacent to the building, and a large church parking lot nearby that is available for use for most sessions.

Q.  Are we going to be locked in a room?  What if we need to get out?

A.  You will be locked in the room only in the context of the story that is playing out.  If there is a genuine need to leave the room, that will be no problem.  Your server will accompany you to the puzzle room and give you any needed assistance.

Q.  What are the odds of finishing the puzzle room?

A.  We'll admit, some of the puzzles look to be challenging, and if your group can finish in one hour without assistance, you've done an excellent job.  Beyond that, it is up to you.  Your server will be in the room with you.  If you feel like you want a hint, they can give you some help.  If you prefer to do it all on your own, win or lose, then they will let you do that.

Q.  What if I don't have a group of 10?

A.  Each session will have 10 tickets for sale, whether they go to a group of 10 or to 10 strangers buying them individually.  If you want your session to be private, you will need to buy all 10 tickets. If you don't actually have 10 people, just keep reminding yourself it's a fundraiser for a good cause.


Are you afraid of a Bump in the Night?

Tickets Still Available for Selected Sessions

Ticket sales for partially sold sessions will remain available up until the start time of the session.

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