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Dracula has come to London with bad intentions. His tendrils already  penetrate the city.   Resistance is but a token effort for all but a small band of heroes with names like Van Helsing and Harker.  The creature replenishes his strength from crates full of befouled earth excavated from his Transylvanian homeland.  To defeat him, the heroes will have to face him when he is at his weakest, and to do that, they must first find every single crate and destroy Dracula's Last Resting Place.




Dracula's Last Resting Place

Dracula's Last Resting Place is a game for 4 to 7 players.  It is nominally a cooperative game in which players  must work together to find the location of Dracula's secret crypt and destroy the contents therein.  However, Dracula's influence is powerful and reaches even into the inner circle of our group of heroes as some players secretly serve the vampire and work to undermine the progress of the other players.


Visit Renfield in the asylum or take the Orient Express to Transylvania to discover clues to the location of the secret crypt.  Build up the courage to enter Dracula's various lairs from Hillingham to Whitechapel while being careful to avoid the monster himself.  You must work together as a team, and yet how do you really know who you can trust?

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